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biere belvo


Belvo is a top fermentation blond beer. Its bubbles are fine and its colour is golden. Belvo balances flavours complexity and aromas. Its sophisticated taste is light, elegant and balanced.

Delicate touches of bitterness contribute to its harmony, with, as a final, a sweet long-lasting taste.

histoire belvo

A story

The story of Belvo was born from the all-consuming passion for beer and brewing art of two good taste adorer. They created the C.C.C. Brewery in order to foster exceptional products in the finest Belgian tradition. After several years of research and work, the C.C.C. Brewery releases its first project: Belvo.

With Belvo, the sole purpose was the constant research of excellence, as much as in the ingredients than in the precision of the mixes. To encourage its quality, Belvo is made in very limited series.

Belvo combines poesy with beer, modern techniques with terroir, art with science. Belvo, you drink it for its sophisticated taste, its fines and light bubbles, its golden colour.

savoir-faire bevlo

A know-how

The Belvo expertise combines the best of modern brewing techniques to pure water and exceptional quality products. All the genius of the Belgian brewing is alive in this beer. The subtle alliance between the different hops and malts gives Belvo its unique taste.